Certified Breathwork Facilitator


30 minutes: breathwork - $60*

*bundle into a package of 5 sessions for $250 total (save $10)


What is breathwork?

Breathwork is a guided breathing exercise that intentionally changes your breathing in a conscious and systematic way.
Breathwork is a form of meditation that increases mental clarity and promotes emotional breakthroughs as well as psychological growth, improving mental, physical, and spiritual well-being through a variety of targeting breathing techniques.

Who benefits from breathwork?

Breathwork can benefit otherwise healthy people in order to aid positive self-development.
Breathwork can also assist people experiencing anger, anxiety, chronic pain, depression, grief, or PTSD.
Breathwork can help anyone achieve their personal mental wellness goals.

What happens during a breathwork session?

Breathwork sessions are 30 minutes long.
Clients meet with a breathwork facilitator in a safe environment, either one-on-one or in a group session.
During a breathwork session, clients can sit or lie down. A yoga mat may be useful but is not necessary. The facilitator guides the client through a quick meditation, followed by a body scan, and breathing exercises designed to tap into emotional and physical self-awareness.