Certified Holistic Health Coach


6 weeks: holistic health coaching - $777


What is holistic health coaching?

Holistic health is an ideology that believes the body's physical health is contingent upon the whole body's state of being including body, mind, spirit, and emotions.
A holistic health coach is a trained professional who recommends diet and lifestyle changes to improve overall health, including in nutrition, relationships, physical fitness, and spirituality.

Who benefits from holistic health coaching?

Holistic health coaching is beneficial to anyone suffering from chronic discomfort, either physical or mental.
Holistic health coaching works in conjunction with medicinal practices and any other physical exercise a person currently is undergoing, but does not require the existence of a specific medicinal issue to be beneficial.
Marcella is a practicing body positive holistic health coach, meaning her services are not beneficial if your primary goal is weight loss. Instead, her holistic health coaching services are suitable for anyone looking to improve the overall quality of their life through mindful health-conscious practices.

What happens during a holistic health coaching program?

Holistic health coaching programs last 6 weeks.
Each program is uniquely tailored to each client, and includes a weekly in-person or virtual video meeting during which we will discuss optimal practices for mind, body, and spirit based on your personal goals.
Holistic health coaching is designed to leave the client with a stronger sense of self and purpose, as well as contribute to overall higher functioning of body and psyche.