Certified Yoga Instructor


60 minutes: private yoga class - $60

90 minutes: private yoga class + meditation - $111


What is yoga?

Yoga is a 5,000 year old mind and body practice rooted in ancient Indian philosophy.
Yoga combines physical poses, breathing techniques, and meditation to promote physical fitness, muscle strength and relaxation, and mental clarity.
There are 11 major styles of yoga. Marcella specializes in Vinyasa, Yinyasa, Yin/Restorative, and Hatha Yoga.

Who benefits from yoga?

Yoga benefits everyone. If you're breathing, you can do yoga.
Yoga can be performed at any level, taking into account every body's movements, restrictions, and needs.
Yoga also promotes cardio and circulatory health.

What happens during a yoga session?

Yoga sessions can be 60-90 minutes long.
Clients meet with one-on-one or in a group in a safe environment. A yoga mat or blanket will be necessary, and any props necessary to help in your yoga practice are welcome.
All yoga sessions are all levels, meaning beginners are welcome at any time.